June 21, 2005

Bajrang Dal's arms-training programme in Aligarh


Bajrang Dal conducts arms training camp at Aligarh:-
Aligarh | June 12, 2005 5:23:45 PM IST

Bajrang Dal conducted a seven-day arms-training programme in Aligarh that concluded Saturday.

Bajrang Dal activist, Prakash Sharma claims that this training would boost will power, confidence and courage in the trainees. The trainees at the training camp were provided training in firearms, martial arts and other physical endurance tests.

"We are training our youth generation to make them courageous. We are focussing on their mental and physical development so that they can meet the challenges and circumstances faced by the country. In all 40 camps will be set up for seven days all over the country," said Prakash Sharma, Bajrang Dal.

According to sources, retired Army officials were imparted also training at the programme.

According to a latest legislation passed by the Parliament, possessing arms or imparting training in arms, besides lathi, is a criminal offence. (ANI)