January 31, 2003

Now VHP to ‘save’ Hindus by insurance
Ens & Agencies (The Indian Express, January 30, 2003)

VHP targets Bangladeshi migrants in Assam
(Hindustan Times, January 31, 2003)
Secularists helped ISI spread network: VHP
(The Hindustan Times, January 28, 2003)

Himachal VHP asks parties to include its demands in manifestos
(Outlook India, India - 17 Jan 2003)

Sufi shrine centre of communal tension
(The Hindustan Times, January 16, 2003)

Victims blame VHP for 'organised' violence [Bhopal]
(The Indian Express)

Sangh drags scandal into pastor attack
(The Telegraph, January 17, 2003)

Violence in Vadodara
(The Indian Express)

US missionary attacked in India
(BBC, Jan 15, 2003)

Poll panel keeps leash on Modi  
(The Telegraph, 3 Nov 2002)

Shiv Sena sets up neo-natal ICU in Thane village
(The Times of India, 2 Nov 2002)